Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vibeke Designs

I love looking at vintage Farmhouse style vignettes. They inspire me but also give me ideas for my own vignettes and displays in our Hob Nobber sales. My current favorites are the vignettes on the blog, Vibeke.  You can find them here. I began  a whole  Pinterest board with just the vignettes from this blog. This is a blog from Norway that shows Rustic Farmhouse style decor. Or at least that is how I would describe it. Perhaps it's just a typical Norwegian decor style.

I've looked at her pins so much that I'm now able to recognize her vignettes even when they don't have her name attached to them. She has such a specific style.

                      What I've noticed from her style is that most often her colors are soft in tone with white as a background color. To me this gives them a "romantic" feel. And she can easily change up the vignette colors according to season with the white backdrop.

The vignettes always, or almost always, include flowers and or plants. This gives them a fresh and pretty look.

 And you will find some kind of linens or cloth which adds softness to balance the  rustic decor.

                                                     I love all the rustic decor pieces she finds also!

 Even though I'll be using some of these elements in creating my own vignettes, I'm sure they will have a bit different feel as it will be MY style coming through.

Now I just have to go out and find the same awesome rustic decor pieces! I just wish Norway was a lot closer!

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