Sunday, July 30, 2017


We took a break from treasure hunting to head for the Lake...Lake Pepin, that is!

We bought a new pontoon this summer and found this weekend the perfect weather to go boating! It was so beautiful out! The weather was perfect!

On one of the days, we took my Mom along and enjoyed a nice slow cruise around the lake looking at the scenery and wildlife.

                Not sure what kind of birds these were, above, but we also saw herons and bald eagles.

The next day the water was the calmest I've seen and the weather even more perfect than the day before. We took some grandkids and daughter-in-law and picked up another granddaughter and her friend who were camping along the river.

We took a trip down the river and stopped at a Restaurant on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River. You just hook your boat up on the dock and a Boat Boy watches it for you.

We ate at the Pickle Factory in Pepin, Wisconsin. Here is one of their specialties: Deep Fried Pickles! The kids love em! I'm not a fan.

It IS fun to cruise down the River though and be able to stop along the way.

                                                     Here are the girls at the Pickle Factory!

                     After lunch we cruised back to our favorite beach for swimming. While the beach is dotted with boats and swimmers, some of the boats throw anchors out and sit out in the middle of the bay area and swim there.

After two full days of being out on the water and in the fresh air and sun. we were tired out!

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