Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Les and I will be taking some Primitives and other Goodies to Gold Rush in Rochester, Mn this August. This event has been around for many many years and draws hundreds of vendors each year. We will have a booth in a building that is in front of the 4H Building.

Actually Les will be there MOST of the time because I will be taking care of our Granddaughter. But I WILL make an appearance. We always have fun at this event. We know a couple of other vendors in this building from Rochester also. And we've come to know another couple from another state we've met that come back every year as well.

Somehow I keep finding antique bath accessories...

I found this old metal antique bath stand that holds up to three basins and has a hook for towels. It would look great in a bathroom filled with towels and bath accessories. I will be selling this at our Hob Nobber Sale this Fall.

And this HUGE enamel rustic tub would also look great in a bathroom filled with white fluffy rolled towels. But you could also use this as a planter, or many other fun uses could be found as well. This will be going to Gold Rush with us.

And I'm not sure where I'll take these collars but I thought they were so cute I picked them up! These
 are white antique collars that were worn back in Victorian times. They are in good shape. They might end up in my Etsy Shop. I have four of these but am showing only two of them here.

I have three places I'm selling items currently. Well, four if you count Craigslist. You might want to check out all four as each place lists different treasures.

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