Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome To HobNobbers

Welcome to the first of the HobNobbers blog!

For some background information about me check out my other blog at I'm going to be sharing in this blog about my HobNobbers business, a vintage and antique business selling through two occasional sales a year. Ever since my husband, Les, and I got married( 40 years ago this year) we have been buying a few antiques every year. Being an English teacher, Les has collected antique books. He's still looking to complete his collection of the Chip Hilton series so if you see any out there, let us know. I just pick up things I like and use them until I see something I like better. My grown children of course see things I've found and take some of my treasures for themsleves. I don't mind though as I find such great bargains, I'm able to give them fun gifts for pennies, well, maybe more like a few bucks!

The fun for me is in the" hunt" and then using what I've purchased or decorating with it for our Occasional Sales. I don't have" collections" of things. I like to USE what I find in a practical way. That way I keep life simpler and my house stays uncluttered. I also enjoy decorating, so that is part of the fun in setting up our sale.

This "business" is still at the "hobby" stage but I'm making money at it! I wrote an article on how to start simply, doing what I'm doing on my Squidoo lens. Let me know if you'd like to read it and I'll pass along how to get to the page.

Last week I went to a flea market and found some more great treaures. One little dish was listed as a "candy dish" but I knew it was a Fenten hobnail collectible. I had intended to resell this but remembered that my Mother had given me a larger one just like this so I decided to keep it. ( See photo above) I put together a little "vignette" for Easter using both of them. So that's my latest HobNobber story. Share YOUR "treasure" story on this blog. There will be a small prize for the "best" story!

I'm off to do more HobNobbing!....

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