Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vibrant Colorful Tablecloths

Hello Family and Friends!

While hobnobbing for treasures the other day I found a couple of vintage tablecloths. I can never pass them up. I love the vibrant colors! I've kept so many beautiful tablecloths for myself though that my armoire drawer is getting a little too cramped and I may have to pass some on at one of our HobNobber Sales. I hate to part with them but you can only keep so much and I'm sure I'll run into more in the days ahead. We're having our next sale on March 31st, Memorial Day. Hope you can come and bring a friend! We'll have a great selection of antique, vintage, cottage-style, and refreshed treasures! Pass the word!

He who would create the new must be able to endure the passing of the old in full tranquility. ---Rudolf Steiner


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