Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Mile Garage Sale

Hey, Hob Nobbers Friends!

This weekend is the 100 Mile Garage Sale along the Mississippi and my husband and I are going!
We'll be hobnobbing for treasures to bring back, repurpose, shine up, wash and iron, polish up and get ready to put into fun little vignettes for you to browse through and BUY to take home a treasure for yourself! One of the fun parts for me is setting up the little areas to make things look as enticing as they really are! When I find things at flea markets and other places, they might be hidden in a box under the table and I "discover" them like hidden treasure. I envision what I'll do with it and what vignette it will go in as I've already put them together in my mind.

So I'm off again! Hob Nobbing around the countryside seeking for treasures for YOU! sandy

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