Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring Occasional sale

Hello, Friends of Hob Nobbers,

This weekend we ( Hob Nobbers Karen, Renee, and I ) had another occasional sale. Held at the Plummer House, a 49 room mansion built in 1917, we had a lovely day with many "guests". Some guests purchased a small item remembered from their past, others just browsed with a cup of gourmet coffee enjoying the lovely home and fun vintage items, and others piled their finds on the staircase as they shopped for more.

One of the fun things for all of us is decorating the little vignettes to display all of our treasures. At the end of the blog here are pictures of the displays we set up. It's fun to move things around so they just "pop" when we get it right!

Karen again brought in her crisply pressed linens with the wooden hangers and scrabble letters describing the cloth. Photos are here on the blog. Also pictured here are "Vintage Tray Message Boards". The sets include, the chalk board, vintage block eraser, and vintage chalk holder.

Karen and Renee are working hard at the bottom of the old staircase.

Gail, a happy guest after purchasing a vintage picnic basket which she fills and gives as gifts is pictured here as well.

Everyone had a great time enjoying the old, the whimsical, the elegant, and the "refreshed" treasures while browsing with a cup of gourmet coffee. Our next "shopping party" will be the weekend of Thanksgiving. We'll have many gift items as well as vintage and antique Christmas decorations. We're already hobnobbing around the country side looking for treasures for you!

A portion of our proceeds went to Eden Ministries, an outreach to troubled girls in China mentioned in a previous blog. Also check it out on their website,



  1. Just wanted to let you know that your sale was great!! My mom and I have some fun treasures. You always have everything displayed so cute!! We can't wait til the next sale!!

  2. Thanks, Angie! We have lots of fun ourselves putting it all together. Stay tuned to this blog and we'll let you know about the next sale!


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