Monday, April 6, 2009

Going Green

Hi, Friends and Family,

Buying vintage and antique items is another way of "going green". The things we buy that are old are things we keep out of the landfills and most often save us money. But these are not the ONLY reasons we love old items. Here are some other reasons I seek out and enjoy "vintage":

I find items that bring back memories of my carefree childhood days and are practical to use today.

The old dishes and glasses are much smaller in size reminding us to eat the smaller, healthier portions of yesterday.

The history of interesting things allow us to look back and remind us of a slower pace of life and wonder about the people who used them previously.( A fun thing to do with grandchildren.)

Somehow the patina and nicks and scratches of old furniture and other items seem quaint and we are able to live with these comfortably without worry of ruining them. More nicks make it even more interesting.

I even enjoy finding old postcards with the beautiful quaint pictures on the front and the messages on the back from people back in the early 1900's and before. The address' only have a name and town. The mailman must have known EVERYONE!

I enjoy buying interesting, unique, old tins and boxes in which to put homemade treats to give as gifts.

These are just a few reasons for my interest in vintage and antique furniture and other practical "home care " items. If you have not yet checked out "going green" with items for your home, why not seek them out. It is also just fun to browse to see what is out there.

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