Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creativity Studio


I am currently making a "Creativity Studio" out of a room on the main level of our house. This room started out as a store room, then an exercise room, and now is becoming my studio. It is just off the laundry room and has beautiful arched windows looking out at lovely flowers and bushes. I always thought it was wasted space using it as a store room with those wonderful windows! The carpet is rather ugly but I'm going to cover it with cute rugs when I can find some that are reaonably priced.

I'm designing this room as a place to" repurpose" vintage items, draw, write, design, and whatever other creative things I can think up. It also serves as a place to get inspired! While my home decorating style tends to be uncluttered, I now have a place that I can have "cute clutter" around that I wouldn't want in my" serene and calming " living room but are fun to look at. When I find treasures to pass on at the Hob Nobbers sale, they go in this room first. I set up some things in little vignettes that help inspire me. They are all too cute to just put in a box until our event party! I have also collected ephemera that I will use to create artistic pictures and pillows, also using vintage fabric. It is a very fun room! Everyone should have a little area ( even if it's a closet ) to go and get creative and be inspired. We were made to create! And creating brings JOY into your life! You don't need to feel you have to have a special talent. Just the process of making something ( anything ) gets your creative juices started.

Soon I'll have some photos up of my fun space. It might inspire you to get started with an inspiration area! Let me know if you have a space to create and what you do in it!

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