Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fairy Garden

Hey, Everyone!

Today my two grandaughters and I made three fairy gardens around the grounds of our house. Since we live in a 49 room mansion ( we don't own it ), and have 11 acres of land and gardens and woods, we have plenty of space to find a corner to make the gardens. Last year we put up one fairy garden and were hoping no one would wreck it. Since the grounds are open to the public we weren't sure if it would stay intact and no one would mess it up. To our surprise and delight, not only did it stay as we put it but someone kept adding little things to it like tiny beds for the fairy and flowers. People also started leaving money and we thought for sure that the money would be gone if we left it but we left it anyway and the money grew! Others added to it, if only a few pennies but no one ever took any of the money and by the end of the summer we had a large shell there with almost $4.00 in change. It wasn't a lot of money but it was amazing to us that no one ever took any of it.

Just thought I'd share this fun idea that you can do with your daughter or grandaughter. You don't have to have a public area but if you make a fairy garden close to where others can see it as they walk by you might be surprised to find little surprises added and even money! It is very magical! Check out the pictures of last years garden here and later we'll have pictures of this year's three gardens!

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