Friday, July 3, 2009

Hob Nobber Creative Studio

I have been promising pictures of my creative space but have been putting it off because I'm not that great yet at taking good photos. I did take three pictures and even though they don't do the room justice I thought I'd get something up here on the blog.( The blog needs some color) A couple of the pictures are of "new finds" which will be for sale at our next event over Labor Day weekend. The other picture is of little books I find that have inspiring quotes and ephemera I collect with which to CREATE. The little books are in an old spice shelf I repainted. Next to that is a tiny stool I also painted with a pail on top which holds various colorful ribbon. Everything in the room inspires my creativity or makes me smile but also has a purpose. I have an old table I use as a desk. It was the kitchen table in our previous home and I'm keeping it for my daughter who wants it when she moves into a bigger home. Until then I'll be using it and loving it again.

So check out the photos here. And have a Happy 4th of July tomorrow!

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