Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Froggy In The Fall

My husband and I have a "pet" frog that we hide in the bushes and when our grandchildren come they try to find "Froggy". ( I know, not a very inspired name ) Anyway, after a while the kids caught on and THEY started to hide Froggy. So now there is always someone looking for Froggy. Now that fall has come and the gardener ( I'll explain later about having a gardener ) has mowed down all the bushes for the winter, Froggy is right out there in the open so I caught a picture of him in the now-turning-brown-leaves. You'll be seeing him periodically as we find him through the seasons.

Now to explain the gardener: My husband and I live in a 49 room historical mansion where we serve as "Resident Directors". The gardener, Dave, is employed by the city to take care of the 11 acres of gardens and grounds. I really miss not having a garden of my own which I had before we moved in here but the beauty of the grounds here makes up for it. I plant some container flowers and have planted some hydrangeas in front of our private entrance though and sometimes I just have to get down in the dirt and pull some weeds but I don't think Dave minds. Since the grounds are so beautiful, this is a very popular place for photo shoots and I often come home to photographers taking pictures of girls wrapped around my hydrangeas. I've had to step over more than one set of legs to get in my front door much to the embarrassment of the girls who did not know that someone actually LIVED there and might actually OWN the hydrangea plant.

We have had quite interesting experiences living here and it has been a blessing it many ways. One of them is having the opportunity to have our Hob Nobber Parties in such a beautiful place! More information on this will be coming soon so keep tuning in!

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