Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorating For Christmas

Well it was another adventure getting our Christmas tree up again this year. We buy a REAL tree every year, messy needles and all, and every year my husband, Les, says "This is the LAST year we're getting a real tree!" . We did pay to have it delivered this year instead of hoisting it to the top of the car and hauling it home. We stopped the tradition of going out and chopping down a tree after the kids left home. So the tree arrived and we began carrying it up the steps to our home. We live on the second floor of a 49-room mansion ( more about that on another blog ) so it's always a challenge just getting it up to the living room. But this year it was even more challenging as Les has had trouble with his hip and and for some reason i woke up with a sore and stiff neck. The unspoken challenge was that we were trying to prove to ourselves that we weren't "too old" to keep doing this. But listening to us moan and groan as we very slowly worked our way up the stairs, the" humor" of our situation hit me and I started laughing. Then Les started laughing and we were both laughing so hard that we couldn't hold onto the tree and ended up sitting on the stairs with the tree on top of us. OK so maybe we ARE getting older. But we persevered and got the tree up before our granddaughters arrived to help decorate it.

I tried to take some photos of the tree for the blog here but the photos didn't do it justice. Actually it is absolutely beautiful! So you'll have to settle for some snippets of shots of pretty little things.

I added a colored background to my blog. It seemed so stark and I wanted to warm it up a bit. Let me know what you think. Starting in January I'm going for a new look so keep checking it out.

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