Friday, December 11, 2009

Decorating With Whimsies

This weekend we will put up our Christmas Tree. We waited a little longer to put it up this year as we get a REAL tree and we didn't want it to dry out before Christmas. We're having a family reunion here for Christmas with all the relatives from Atlanta, Georgia and Naples, Florida coming. Photos here are of a few of our Christmas decorations we've collected over the years, each having a story or history of its own. Here are short descriptions, though I may not get them in proper order. We also have several different manger scenes coming in future blogs. Since I prefer simplicity over clutter, I try to set up the decorations throughout ALL the rooms of our home so there's not one room with a lot of STUFF.

1) New Caroler for my collection purchased at Naples, Florida antique shop ( yet to be named by the granddaughters )
2) Vintage wise men that belonged to my Grandmother
3) "Baby" with Santa hat, purchased from a friend who sold everything to retire with her husband out West
4) Norwegian sleigh with Nisse, separately purchased from friends for our Scandinavian heritage
5) Vintage-style tree with vintage bulbs that were my grandparents
6) Collage of old and new, silver and blue favorite things
7) Colorful basket with snowmen, made by the mother of a former student of my husband
8) Antique "walking santa" purchased at a garage sale. Set him on an incline and he walks. Very Cute to see!

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