Monday, December 28, 2009

Cookie Baking

A few blogs back tells of the arrival of our daughter and son-in-law from China. After getting them through jet lag we were able to begin our Christmas traditions, one of which is the whole family baking Christmas sugar cookies. So we gathered in the kitchen, prepared our stations ( rolling out the dough, decorating, baking and cooling --oops, not in that order ) and got the whole crew together for a night of baking. Everyone always wears aprons which they pick from a bunch I have on hand. I had purchased a box full of vintage aprons at a flea market. i sold some and kept some for our cookie baking. We play Christmas music to set the mood and get to work! There was only one incident where one of the grandchildren got a little zealous in rolling out the cookies and rolled a gob of dough onto the floor which then went directly into the garbage. We decided to nix the 5 minute rule here. The rest of the cookies turned out nicely and were delicious. We use a lot of almond flavoring to make them extra tasty. Here are photos of us donning our aprons ( some too small for the wear-er: we make the guys wear them also) and the delicious cookies we made.

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  1. I love your blog! It not only is inspiring it is fun fun fun.


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