Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Family Reunion

Christmas FLEW by this year! We celebrated with the whole family having a reunion at our house from Dec. 22 to the 25th. We housed the out of town guests ( from Florida, Georgia, and China ) and my Mom at our house--there were 13 of us. Then during the festivities the numbers rose to 21.

We started out on Dec. 23rd with a family luncheon at a private room at Michaels Restaurant. The food was GREAT as was the service. It was nice having the special room as the little ones were able to walk around when they got a bit antsy. Also WE could walk around and take photos without bothering anyone else. After lunch we toured the University Square shops, the Yuppies in the group grabbed a Starbucks, and we all checked out The Nordic Shop, a Scandanavian shop which my Mom and Dad had started years before. Then it was called Dannevig Imports, our Norwegian name.

After that it was back to the house for sledding and sitting around a warm delightful fire while the weather outside was "frightful"and since we had no place to go, we said, "Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow." In the evening we had pizza and salad with Christmas cookies and cider for dessert. And later more extended family members came to visit .

On Dec. 24th we had Brunch in the morning with everyone getting up at different times and waking up to, what else...Starbucks coffee. It was a relaxing morning. But then time for everyone to get ready for the 2:30 appetizers, 4:00 church service, 6:00 dinner, followed by a Secret Santa gift exchange and then opening presents from Gramma Marge. I also gave the women in the family a little extra small gift of handmade Rosemary-Mint soap wrapped in a vintage Christmas hankie. There is a photo of one here. After that we played Family Feud ( guys against the girls ) via DVD. That was great fun. Of course the girls won!

The frightful weather made for a quicker departure for the out-of-town guests in order to make their flights home. But everyone had a great time and we look forward to more reunions in the future.

Dec. 25th was celebrated with another big dinner and opening family gifts! We're tired but we enjoyed every minute of it!

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  1. wow what memories!! they can last a lifetime. thanks for sharing


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