Saturday, December 5, 2009


As I wait for new photos of our Christmas sale to share with you I wanted to share some first "signs of the season" or traditions our family shares as the Christmas season nears. Years ago I started a collection of Byerly's Carolers. I put out the Carolers right after Thanksgiving . Every year I add one more to the collection and I also receive them as gifts. I now have 27 of them. I've arranged them into families with stories of their lives and my granddaughters have had fun naming them. They are very creative in the naming process. We have a Meloshe ( pronounced Mee-loash), Zoey, Lola, Mina, Chloe to name a few. My new Caroler this year is Meloshe's sister ( not named yet but we'll let you know ) who at this point is not married and has no children but that will change in the future. You'll be introduced to her in future blogs. I'll be looking for a husband for her next year.

The other sign that the season is near is a tradition we have in that the girls in the family all go to the Lorie Line Concert. If you haven't been to one of her concerts, you HAVE TO go. It is Amazing! Photos here are of the concert stage( didn't turn out so well ) and the other is our granddaughters all dressed up for the concert. We had a great time and it's fun for all ages so we have four generations that go every year. It's worth every penny of it even though it might be a bit pricey.

Traditions are great! "Kids" of all ages love tradition and being able to say "we ALWAYS do this". It builds a sense of continuity to our lives. Of course, traditions don't have to cost money. We have a lot of traditions that don't cost ANYTHING! So if you don't have any Christmas traditions started, get creative and think of something fun to continue on a yearly basis.

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