Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Geared Up For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up and I wanted to get in the swing of things so I uploaded a few vintage valentines to get us all in the creative mood. Don't you just love these?

If you have been reading this blog you might have seen the button reading "Cathy Amour's Valentine Swap". Check back a few posts and you will see it. Well, I signed up for the swap and Vera from Arkansas and I exchanged heart-shaped boxes of fun gifts. Mine arrived today and I'm excited to show you all the lovely gifts I received but..... I can't let you see them until February 14th which will be ( drumroll ) "The Great Reveal". I set up the gifts in little vignettes and took photos which are now waiting patiently on my computer to display them here on Valentines's Day. Vera should receive her Valentine Box this Thursday and will reveal hers on Feb 14th also. It was really fun putting the box together and even more fun getting a big box of gifts delivered to my door! So remember to check back on Feb 14th for "The Big Reveal" and see what I got! Thanks, Vera!


  1. Some great good artful cards.Thank you Sandy for sharing.Wish you in advance a joyful Valentine in advance.

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  2. Thanks for your comment ! I checked out the Valentine specials. Thanks for passing that on.


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