Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mother's Poem

Grandmothers are just "antique" little girls. Anonymous

I have on my dresser an antique picture with a mother's poem above and a little mirror below. It is flanked by two vintage swans, one which holds dried hydrangeas and the other ( I like to be practical ) q-tips.

The" mother's poem pictures" were very popular many years ago. I had this particular one at one of our sales and it didn't sell. My daughter suggested that I keep it, as the colors ( blue and yellow ) matched our bedroom. I told her it just didn't seem right to have this picture with a poem that said, " Dear Mother Mine" and just give it to myself. So she took the picture and left the room and came back with her hands behind her back saying, "Mom, I have a little gift for you" and handed me the "mother picture and poem". We both laughed and then, of course, I went along and said how thoughtful she was and how sweet of her to give me such a meaningful gift. So now I can keep it and put it on my dresser as a wonderful gift given to me by my daughter. Well, OK, at least now there is a story behind it. It looks really nice there and fits in beautifully.

Later on I found another one and this time I gave it to MY mother. So now I'm looking for more. I'm also going to look up the story and history behind these little pictures and poems and I'll share later about them in a post. If anyone out there has information on them, let me know. Now I think EVERY mother should have one.

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