Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Book

I have started collecting vintage valentines. I WAS going to use them in making crafts but I couldn't cut them up after reading some of the old written names on the back and getting a bit nostalgic about them. And these are people I don't even know! MY old valentines, on the other hand, are long gone in the trash. So I'm not sure what is keeping me from cutting them up. I guess it's just that I'm "into" vintage things and these are so very quaint and sweet. Check out some Valentine postcards a few "posts" back on my blog to see how cute they are! I'll be sharing more on this blog through Valentine's Day. I might make a Valentine garland with them so I can at least USE them in some way. I really only collect things that I can use in a practical way so maybe that's the direction I'll go with them.

In the meantime I've found this neat book on which tells the history of Valentine's Day but,even better, has tons of beautiful photos of antique Valentines. This would be a great Valentine's Day gift for an antique-loving friend or for yourself! Just click on the link here, order, and it will be delivered to you! How easy is that? Have a great day and live creatively!

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