Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vintage Aprons

When I think of vintage aprons I think of my Grandma and her brown checked apron.  My Mom also had a brown checked one so they must have been all the rage. Remember June Cleaver? She ALWAYS wore an apron , though I don't recall her wearing a brown checked one. Back in the 50's it seems everyone was wearing aprons.

Well, I ended up with SOMEONE'S ( Mom's or Grandma's ) brown checked apron but it was kept folded in a drawer for quite a while. Then a few years ago I began collecting everything vintage and antique and I was shopping at a flea market when I ran across..... you guessed it...a brown checked apron! Of course my mind, being old and forgetful, had forgotten that I already had one that was handed down to me. So I bought it thinking," THIS looks familiar..." When I got it home, washed up and ready to put in a drawer I found one just like it! Now I have TWO brown checked aprons.

I decided they should not sit in drawers any longer, however, so I started wearing them when baking. My husband, children, and grandchildren and I have had a yearly tradition of making Christmas cookies and we've always had everyone  wear aprons but we only wore  new ones. Well now with the discovery of aprons that Grandma and Mom wore I started the search for vintage aprons so we could all wear them...even the guys. They went along with it, but reluctantly and in good humor, of course. Check back a few blogs to see us in our aprons. Also check out my profile photo of my husband and I in aprons. He hasn't found out he's on there yet, though. It may come off when he sees it.

Check out the many aprons we have at our next sale. They are fun to have and a great gift idea for someone who loves vintage and baking or cooking!

Another cute idea for vintage aprons is to make kitchen curtains out of them.

If you have other ideas for vintage aprons, let us know. We'd love to hear them!

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