Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I almost hate to post a blog that will take the place of the mosaic below because I love looking at it so much! So I've decided  to have a new mosaic posted once a month...on a Monday...starting...well, I guess it  started THIS month! Let's call it Mosaic Monday! Look for it on some Monday in May!

We're home from Florida now and trying to get back in the swing of things. I came home to daffodils in bloom, robins hopping around, green grass in the yard, and new spring buds everywhere!


 I LOVE new beginnings! I love New Years with new clean calendars, and setting new goals; I always loved the beginning of the school year with more organized schedules and new supplies for the kids ( and me ); but I also love the beginning of summer with a more laid back schedule and lots of fun planned!

  I love new beginnings so much that I'm going to start one here! Well, sort of... Next Month get ready for a NEW LOOK, but more importantly NEW FUN HAPPENINGS!

 I don't want to give them away just yet. They're going to be a surprise! But keep checking back, there could be HINTS!
So come celebrate with me....its  the beginning of a NEW SPRING!

OMGoodness! I just found another blogger with a "Mosaic Monday" and I had never seen it before! REALLY! Guess I'll have to change the name and day. Any suggestions?

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