Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here's my second FFFFF. This week also, I found my favorite treasures on Etsy. I just found so many fun treasures when I went shopping for the first 5 that I couldn't help but share the rest of them. So here they are.....

I'm a pillow lover and I'm increasingly being drawn to these casually elegant pillows. This one also has one of my favorite colors...teal! This crowned bird is surrounded by a vintage frame on burlap. It has an envelope backing. I really love this "look".  There are many more similar pillows but only one of each so go and find YOUR favorite!

Did I say I loved pillows? : ) Here's another with the same kind of casually elegant look. This sweet image  of a mother and child was transferred to canvas and sewn with a decorative stitch to the canvas pillow top. The corner flower is surrounded by a tea stained lace ruffle. What mother wouldn't love to receive this as a gift?

                                  BUNNY CHANDELIER BY WHIMSICAL COLLECTIONS
       This is an upscale handmade and handpainted original design chandelier. It is a combination of beautiful craftsmanship and artistry each one being custom created just for YOU! I love whimsical things and this surely fits into that category. But there are many more whimsical creations and I had a hard time deciding  which was my favorite. I chose this one because it would fit in nicely with the room I have for my grandchildren. They are a bit pricey but well worth the extra JEWELL LIKE addition they add to the room.

                                        BROOCH OF ORGANZA BY JANNY FAY

This is a lovely detailed wrapped organza brooch. The center is a handmade rose and pearls. The colors are a mix of beige, cream, green and brown. This could be a brooch or pin. I really like the soft colors. Gotta have it! Janny has other lovely creations as well so check out her shop.

                                 FLEUR. FILLIGREE BANGLE BY MIA BEADS
This pretty bracelet has a single yellow rose on a vintage style cuff. I like this because of the vintage look but also because the bright sunny yellow makes me smile. I also found a more whimsical one I liked but I'm only picking FIVE things so I had to leave it out. But you can see it ( the one with the cute bird and flowers )  at Mia's shop!

THANKS  Thanks for stopping by and seeing my "picks". Check out these shops on Etsy for further information!

TWO GIVE-AWAYS   Remember I have TWO books to give away for two ( or maybe ONE ) lucky lady! But you have to sign up to win! Check out the other blog posts for  information.

HOB NOBBER MEMORIAL DAY SALE  If you're in the area over Memorial Day weekend, be sure and stop by our sale. We'll be serving FREE gourmet coffee while you shop. Check out the details on the right sidebar.

EDEN JEWELRY    If you'd like to buy the jewelry that supports the Eden Ministry, the organization I am helping to support, we will be selling it at our sale. You can also purchase it online at their website.

Have a great weekend!

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