Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MY 100th POST!!!

Well, once again I almost hate to post and leave the mosaic behind. I LOVE to keep looking at it!

 But then again this is a SPECIAL POST because it is number ONE HUNDRED!!!! Actually 100 doesn't seem like very many right now because I just finished reading a blog celebrating it's 600th post! But, hey, for ME, 100 is a LOT! So I'm CELEBRATING!

 I mentioned that I would be having a second GIVE-AWAY to celebrate my 100th post. ( I hope this doesn't get too confusing! ) Anyway, the prize for THIS Give-Away is ALSO THE BOOK, "HANDMADE SOIREES" BY KARRI MENG!

Yep, that's right, I'm giving away TWO books, one for each Give-Away! So you have TWO CHANCES to win! And if you win both, you can give the 2nd book away as a gift.

So here's how to enter:
1) Sign up to follow my blog on the right sidebar
2) Make a comment on THIS POST ONLY so I can keep them separate, leaving your first name and e-mail address so you can be notified you've won!
And that's it! See how easy it is? I will use the random generator to select a number on June 1st along with the Summer Soiree Give-Away. And if you haven't signed up for that you can do so now. Just go to the May 1st blog for instructions. GOOD LUCK, EVERYBODY!


  1. Woo-Hoo!! 2 Chances to win this cool book!! I do so hope one is me!! I am a happy follower!!
    Hugs, Lisa
    OH! Happy 100!! Hope you have many many more!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Good Luck! Maybe you'll win TWO BOOKS! : )

  3. hi Sandy, I am a new follower. I would love to win your giveaway. The book looks to be a wonderful prize. Your blog is way too cool. I am new to the blog world. It is truly awesome the talent that is out there.

  4. Hi, Gaynor!
    Thanks for signing up! Everyone will have TWO chances to win! I agree... there are SO many talented people with blogs out there! Nice to have you here! sandy

  5. What a great Blog - glad we 'found each other.' I am new to yours and would be thrilled to WIN! I am signing up to be a follower - hope you will on my blog, too. How fun to meet such lovely folks this way.
    Mary P

  6. Thanks, Mary! I think I AM a follower of yours but I'll check again to make sure! : )

  7. Mary, I love your blog. So very creative! I've signed up to be a follower so please enter me in your great giveaway. I'm having my own giveaway at Starlight Primitives along with several others at the Cottage Charm Giveaway sponsored by Twice Remembered Cottage.

    Thanks for offering your giveaway.

    Starlight Primitives

  8. Hi Sandy! I am already a follower! Thanks for letting me know about your give-a-ways, how fun!


  9. Hi Sandy, I am way too new to blogging to know all there is to know. Not sure if my e-mail address shows up on your post when I signed up for your givaway. Here it is. Have a great holiday>macbasketspa@aol.com

  10. hi Sandy, I signed up for your giveaway earlier. I forgot to leave my e-mail where I can be reached. Sorry. It is macbasketspa@aol.com. Thank you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks.


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