Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggers Sorority

Well, here I am again....LATE FOR THE PARTY!  Since I waited until the last minute to get a photo I came upon the problem of.... worn out batteries. I had put the photo in a vintage frame and had a plan to get me in there but then no working camera! Aaaaccckk! So I had to finally settle in using the camera on my laptop. A bit tricky.

Not so creative but at least we're up here! Whew!

These were done on my computer. It wasn't easy! Anyway, I''m looking forward to "meeting" everyone! So now I'm off to see YOU!
While you're visiting, take time to listen to the video in the post before this one. I think you'll be inspired!


  1. Hi Sister Sandy!! The main thing is you have rushed and now you're in the sorority! :)
    Nice to meet you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)
    Sorority sis from Texas

  2. Hey dear Sandy, wow, your life sounds amazing and so interesting, (except for the creepy mongo spiders) cold shivers, here!! The plum is just a fabulous home, so beautiful! Your little grandson Charlie, is one adorable little guy!
    so nice to meet you, glad to call you Sis!!

  3. It's very nice and I am happy to meet you! And your right next door in one of my favorite states, Minnesota!
    Welcome Sister!

  4. Sandy, I LOVE what you did with your rush assignment. Simple is often more elegant in MY book.

    Keetha from The Eclectic Company

  5. Hello Sandy,
    So nice to meet you! Welcome to the sorority :0)

  6. Great job on your Rush project!! I'm so glad you made it to the part - and I'm so glad to meet another Sister!! I can't wait to see what's next with our sorority ~ I look forward to getting to know you.

  7. This picture is going to be famous throughout blogville - and it's such a lovely one too.
    Glad to have the chance to say hello. xx

  8. Hello there Sista. So nice to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you. I am so excited about our sorority and all the F*U*N we will have!

    Blessings from your Back Porch Sista,
    {Our Back Porch in Tennessee}

  9. Good job sister! I am so happy to meet you, I am sure we will meet again on down the sorority line!


  10. Nice pic! I am following you now! Happy Sisterhood...Nancy M

  11. I love your creative thinking! You didn't give up and I love your vintage frame!

    Thank you so much for paying me a visit and leaving that sweetest comment!

    Have a most blessed day my new Sista!

    Hugs from theycallmeganky!

  12. Isn't this neat how we are all connected with one another, and each one of us have this same picture in our homes no matter where we are and what walk of live we come from. Of course you can make a box. Would love to see it when you are done. I am going to doctor it up when I find my supplies. lol
    Come and join my many bloh contest to win some prizes. Kath'

  13. Hi, Sandy! You made the Bloggerettes look beautiful in that frame--well done! So happy to be your new sorority sister & look forward to getting to know you better!

    Julie from California

  14. Hi Sandy! I'm so intrigued by your profile! Living in a "west wing" of a historic mansion?! You love "reading, writing and antiqueing" do I!! I also love to see the joy in everyday life! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I am now one of your newest followers!! :)

  15. Welcome Sister. So glad to join you. Can't hardly wait for all the festivities.

  16. Hello Fellow Bloggerette! Sorry about the camera but you improvised very well.:) You are really living your dream! So nice to meet you.

  17. Hi Sandy, Nice to meet you here in the bloggerette sorority. I love the frame around the pics, looks beautiful.

  18. Hi, Sandy, I'm still slowly making my way down the list of "sisters"! So nice to "meet" you! I love the frame you chose, I tried (and failed!) to find something similar. See you around the sisterhood!

  19. Hello there Sister Sandy! So nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to many fun times in the sorority.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  20. Hi Sandy...I am back again because I guess my comment didn't stick. It is nice to meet you and I hope you have a nice 4th of July!

  21. Hi from Colorado! Nice to meet another sister of the sorority!

  22. Great to meet you sister Sandy, and glad you made it! making my way down the list


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