Monday, June 28, 2010


I often purchase things for my Hob Nobber business and then think maybe I should keep it! It happened again! I found this at one of the local thrift stores. I believe I'll keep this for a while but I wanted to share it with you.

It's a cute little CORNER CHAIR! I pulled it out of the" corner" to take this photo. It has beautiful  legs with a "like new" seat cover.  I just sold an old white wicker corner chair at our last sale. You might have seen it on a post  here. I had never seen a corner chair before and now in a matter of months I've found two! This one is short and just the right size for our 20 month old grandson, Charlie, who climbs into it and sits back with his arms on both arm rests thinking he's a BIG adult.  I did some research on corner chairs and  they were also known as " roundabout " or "writing" chairs and often smaller "sample" chairs were made so that people could order from the sample. This seems so small it might be one of those sample chairs but I'm not sure. Corner chairs started in England in the 1800's and then moved to the U.S. Anyway, it was a "fun find" and it's a KEEPER!

And this was the other one. Do you remember it? It sold at our last event. 

Think I'll scout out some more!


  1. I have never looked into the history of corner chairs, but because I liked the way they looked and the price, I did purchase a pair in a small bric-a-braq (sp?) store in the Ga. mountains. They have rush woven seats, and now that I have cats that would love to tear them up, they are in my storage room, alas.
    I found out about the Bloggerettes at the last moment, and I did not even know how to retrieve a button - still have to learn.
    I listened to the tape - very interesting. Think I'll check youtube and see if any notes are given about the taping of it.
    I will be back to look around your blog.
    Have a good week.

  2. You can join the Bloggerettes by clicking on the button here and then getting your name on the list.
    Thanks for sharing your "corner chair" story!
    You can also click on the video here at the top and it will take you to the youtube video. It shares the story behind the video. It was taped at the same time all over the world...using music to bring people together.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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