Monday, June 21, 2010


Had a busy week with our daughter, Elissa, and her husband, Jon, being home from  China for a short stint. We celebrated Father's Day early as they had to take a plane out on Saturday. Friday morning Elissa and I took a quick trip to a small town nearby where they were having a vintage sale. This is what I purchased:

It has a vintage doorknob and hooks on it. I'm going to hang it in the guest room that Elissa and Jon use when they're home.

I also found a lovely booth owned by Janis Mineart.  She sells vintage linens, sewing notions, buttons, and lace. She was sweet enough to allow me to take photos of her beautiful things to share here but I forgot to take a photo of HER!

Janis rents space in a nearby shop so I'll be stopping there soon!

In the evening for Father's Day Elissa grilled steak kabobs, wearing her favorite vintage apron from our family collection.

Setting the table for Father's Day, Elissa chose some "new" and some vintage blue and yellow pieces. All the items were purchased at vintage sales, thrift stores, and yard sales including the damask yellow napkins which she tied with blue vintage ribbon.

The next morning we took Elissa and Jon to the airport in Minneapolis. After dropping them off we went to Bachmans to pick up the antique tablecloth ( below ) I had purchased at the Idea House but couldn't pick it  up until the event was over. 

    Notice the scalloped edging. This was an old quilt that was repurposed into a tablecloth. It is in great condition! Should I sell it or keep it???

After picking up the tablecloth we went to Bachman's little cafe and had a HUMONGOUS cup of coffee and some treats!

Ooooh. That coffee looks tempting! I'm going to go get a cup! Thanks for stopping by!

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