Sunday, June 20, 2010


Karen Valentine is hosting a blogging party called, WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE II. This is my FIRST party like this. I mentioned in yesterday's short post that I was not ready to show you my INSPIRATION ROOM  but I decided to get some photos out there anyway. Read yesterday's post first.

If you're a BLOGGER.... WELCOME!  I've already started making the rounds and seeing all the wonderful inspiring places you've created out there. I love seeing all your beautiful spaces!

If you're NOT a BLOGGER... WELCOME!   Come see all the places where bloggers create their artistic work and their blogs. Go to the button like the one above on my side bar. You will go to the " host's party post". Then click on all the many bloggers that have signed up to show their fun spaces.

So here goes! I collect vintage treasures and "refresh" or "repurpose" them and sell them at three occasional sales a year. So my creative space right now is FULL of stuff I just recently collected and things I'm in the middle of fixing up so it's really a" workshop". We live in a 49 room historical mansion living in the "west wing"  and oversee events that take place there. My creative space is a room just off our laundry room. 

So open the double doors here and come on in....

The best thing about this room are the windows that open up to beautiful grounds!

Here's the other set of windows. As you can see Mary Englebreit has been one of my inspirations so I have a few of her things here even though they are not vintage. 

Get a closer look here...

And here...

This is an old rustic table and chair that I use when I need to do things sitting down. Stacked are some old cigar boxes that I store things in. To the left are some little things made with vintage music paper. I sell sheets of the paper and use them for wrapping gifts.

I have another old shabby white table I work on and here are some things on that table.

More old wood boxes and cigar boxes for storage.

AND READY OR NOT....a corner of vintage finds that need to be worked on. Yep, I've got work to do!

And in the other corner....   I can't believe I ACTUALLY SHOWED YOU THIS MESS!

Here's a little corner where I cozy up with my laptop to blog.

And here's another one. These both are guest rooms now that the kids have moved out. But when the guest rooms are full....

I might end up here in the living room on the "conversation couch". Tons of inspiring books and magazines on the table.

So these are the spaces where I "do my thing"!  Hope you enjoyed the tour! Next year I just MIGHT BE READY!


  1. What an amazing space you have created! You have inspired me to add to my own crafting area.

    I adore all of your storage solutions.

  2. A great work space! Love your quilt and wicker. They are some of my favs.
    Best wishes,

  3. What a pretty room to create in!! I too LOVE Mary E. I am so sorry her magazine was discontinued! Thank you for popping in and entering my giveaway too!

  4. What a pretty room to create in!! I also love Mary E. Thank you so much for entering my giveaway too!!

  5. What a beautiful place to live and create!
    I have a similar collection of "stuff" waiting to be worked on too and I'm sure we all have a pile waiting somewhere.

  6. You are right, those windows are great. I'm glad you shared even though you didn't feel your space was perfect. I felt that way about mine too, I think we always think of one more thing we could do to make it better, but it all looks great to me!

    I miss Mary Englebright's Home Companion too!

  7. Your windows are beautiful I love your ME touches and the vintage things.

  8. Glad you did show us your space! I have a lot of unfinished projects I need to do. There's just not enough time!

  9. It is always great to have a creative area to go in to and create...messy or not it is always a blessing. Thanks for sharing your sweet space.

  10. Oh my goodness, those windows.. that view!!! I am soooo jealous! I can't even image being able to look out and see that view everyday! I have a pile of things to work on too. I just keep them all in the garage! Thank you so much for sharing your room with us all. I really enjoyed the tour!
    My Desert Cottage

  11. It is just so great to have a place to create. Love being able to stare out the window. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  12. You have a magnificent space and that house you live in is to die for. OK, so you don't own it, you still get to live in it, look out those lovely windows, and view the awesome grounds. I bet you have all kinds of natural light in that room, too.

    It was brave of you to show your space. Many people would have hidden it. You have many lovely pieces and some really great cigar boxes for storage. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  13. OMG a studio with red! Now that's a welcome change! I see where you posted about someone in Harmony Mn, I just got back form Mn that is where I grew up. My Mom was born in Spring Valley and now lives in Maple Grove. If you get a chance drop by!


  14. I love your bright and beautiful creative space. Your window is amazing. Lots of pretty treasures to be found in here. Thanks for sharing.I have a long ways to go, just now made it to the "H's."

  15. I saw some really goodies in your stash! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  16. Those windows are gorgeous! Don't worry about everything being stashed away. It needs to be seen. We all have a stash. It looks like you have some wonderful treasures. Thanks you for sharing. Connie

  17. Oh good - I'm so glad you showed us the treasure corner! I feel right at home here. Thank you for giving us a tour.

  18. I just love those windows in your space, wonderful view out of them too, very nice. I looked through your blog and the estate slae story is just too funny. and the girls fairy graden is so cute (the owl is just too cute)... and I noticed the little two red candle sticks in your studio window (the are Swedish Christmas candle holders, love them... brings back great childhood memories : )

  19. Good Morning, I just love the large windows in your studio...there is nothing better than lots of sunlight. I also like to use cigar boxes for storage.

    Yes, I am still making my rounds through the participants in Karen's "Where Bloggers Create" event...and having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. ~Natalie


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