Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 A while back I mentioned that I had been to the Idea House in Mpls where Bachman's Floral Gift and Garden Store and Ki Nassauer had teamed up to share ideas on decorating with repurposed.....well, what should I call it...." lots of old stuff!" I think Ki calls it "junk".

 I met up with a friend, Christy, and two of HER friends, Bev and Bev. It was a wonderful afternoon! We had a great time trying to discover what each item was made from!..."Oh, look! This fishing bobber is really an old bowling ball!!" We were allowed to take pictures and I was even told I could  put them on my blog!  Woo Hoo! Of course in true fashion I had to go and forget my camera and had to borrow Christy's! Thanks, Christy!!  This whole post wouldn't have been possible without you!! : )

The Idea House will be featured in Ki's second addition of her new magazine, Flea Market Style. I have only a few of the ideas here on my blog so you'll want to be watching for the magazine to see ALL  THE FUN IDEAS that were in the house!

Ki started Junk Revolution, a place to "hang out, gather ideas, and connect with people who share your passion for junk". This is a fun place so go check it out! She also runs Junk Bonanza which will be held in the Fall. I'm going to this for sure!

And Bachman's will be having another Idea House in the Fall! I plan on going there as well! ( Memo to self.... don't forget camera)

 So much to do and so little time....            But now, let's get started with the fun...

                  These are (sprayed gold) graters, with flower jewelry on them and then turned into... hanging vases!

                                             One of many towel rack ideas! I think they're pastry cutters.

How about an old bowling ball painted to look like a bobber for a fishing- themed boy's bedroom? At first glance I really thought it was just a REAL GIANT BOBBER!

This is a napkin holder made of old croquet mallets and half of a croquet ball to hold the napkins in place! How cute is that?

                          A thermos made into a lamp for the boys fishing themed bedroom again.

                    Croquet mallets on a board magically become... a towel rack! The croquet game set was a popular theme. If I had a lake home this would be in it for sure!

Old mailboxes made into flower pots. 

                               Christy standing next to an old oar made into a standing clothes rack. Notice the Minnesota map hanging on the wall.

Hose nozzles are now photo holders!

                             What's this?  A sprinkler turned into .....  towel racks? They really looked cute!

                                                Whimsical chandelier made with old juicers.

Fun picnic set with pepsi box holding napkins and silverware and pop bottles with flowers. Great idea for the 4th of July!

The four of us in the garden next to a flower trellis.

Of course I HAD to have my photo taken with THE CELEBRITY HERSELF, Ki!   "The JUNK celebrity" Ky corrected me. Thanks for taking time for the photo Ki!!


  1. Imaginations can be wonderful!
    Most of these ideas I have not seen before.
    The pastry cutters - really cute, and the nozzles, never would I have thought of that; I might have used them for a paper weight, and then watch them fall off the table!

  2. What great creative ideals! I wanted to thank you for visiting with us, hope you visit again soon!!! Blessings~~~Daphne


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