Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lovely magazine/book/newspaper holder with beautiful lines. I probably will paint this unless someone e-mails me SOON and wants it like this. It will be lovely either way.
                     Very old child's quilt. Needs some minor repairs but in great condition!

Basket of vintage silverware. Should I try to flatten them and make those cute garden stakes? They DO have beautiful designs on them so maybe I should leave them the way they are.  Hmmmm.


The Blogerette Sorority   Well, I did it! I went and joined a sorority! Yeesh! You'd think I'd be TOO OLD for that!
I'm just kidding, of course, because this is DIFFERENT! It's a BLOGGING SORORITY! A place where bloggers can meet, enter swaps, give-aways, and meet new people! And YOU can GET IN! If you're a blogger, of course. The name of the Sorority is THE BLOGGERETTE SORORITY. Go to to get more information and to sign up.

For Bloggers    I've started a PAGE for GIVE-AWAYS. I've enjoyed passing on the information about give-aways from bloggers to others. But one of the things that I noticed as a fairly new blogger is that it is confusing with all the many "buttons" on the sidebar from PAST give-aways to CURRENT give-aways to Blog Buttons to Swaps  ( for bloggers only ) etc. It seemed to me that having a "one-stop-sign-up" page JUST FOR GIVE-AWAYS would be easier. So go to the Give-Away page and add YOUR sweet give-away to the list. I'll direct readers to that page and they'll link to your blog!


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by and putting my giveaway up :) What a great blog I am becoming a follower here right now! Love all the vintage wonderful you have going on!

    luvs and glitter

  2. I LOVE GIVE-AWAYS! So far I've never won anything but one of these days..... Maybe I'll win YOURS! : )

    Thanks for following me!

  3. hi sandy,

    thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. it made my day. :)

    so happy to find your sweet blog! i was just at an etsy shop where the person makes garden stakes from vintage spoons. so cool. how fun that would be!


  4. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog! I am following you now too! I love reading about all of your vintage treasures! I love blog giveaways too ~ they are so much fun! Have a nice day!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  5. I've seen the garden stakes from vintage spoons and thought they were darling! Might try them! Thanks for stopping by!


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