Monday, June 7, 2010


Wise words from Winnie The Pooh...     
If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.  

This month I will be sharing WISE WORDS FROM WINNIE THE POOH. I just thought they were so cute I had to share them!  

And the photo here is not Winnie The Pooh but it IS something CUTE!  

 OK bear with me here as this is a bit longer blog than usual because I wanted to share some IMPORTANT news about Hob Nobbers!

 My blog is evolving into something a BIT different than when I first began. I originally started this blog to just keep my customers updated on when we would have our vintage occasional sales. But since we only have three occasional sales a year  and  I'm not selling online, there was a lot of empty space left to fill on my blog!

 So I started chatting about the treasures I was finding, repurposing, and bringing to the sale. I was hoping it might inspire our customers to come EVEN MORE as they saw something they wanted to buy BEFORE they got to the sale! And at our Memorial Day sale one of the first people to come through the door asked for the chair they saw on my blog! Cool.... it worked!

 I also blogged about my other "treasures"... my family. They are not only a part of my LIFE but have all been involved in some ways in my business which makes it even MORE fun! I'll blog about this in future posts.

But as I began to meet  women online entrepreneurs ( an AMAZING bunch of loving, caring, and inspiring women! ) I decided to overlap my goals for THIS blog with my OTHER blog, Blooming Boomers. Let me explain: One of the goals of Blooming Boomers is to support women in living their lives to FULL BLOOM.  As I met the women entrepreneurs in the" vintage decor and art/ craft" world, I realized that these women WERE living their lives to FULL BLOOM. They were doing what they loved and even making an income doing it! They are ALL BLOOMING even if they're not all "boomers"( that would be baby- boomer- aged women like me )!

Taking a break here to add some color : A beautiful bouquet of bright pink flowers! Take a minute to "be in the moment" and admire them.                        Ok Moving on....

So now another goal I have for Hob Nobbers is to encourage and support women in their vintage/art and craft business'! I hope to do this in the following ways:

1) My Five Fun and Fabulous Finds Friday tells about well, "fun and fabulous finds" I've found online by women in business. Then I link back to their blogs so you can easily find them and check out their business.

2) I post about different events, blogs, and business' that I find interesting in the vintage and art/craft world.

3) I add buttons to my blog to spread the word about other blogs. Link on these for more fun!

4) I've added a page for online vintage/handmade Give-Aways and Swaps. It's a one-stop-site for people to  sign up for Give-Aways! This is new and I hope it takes off!

5) This month I hope to add videos and/or online interviews with business women!

6) I also support with a portion of my vintage business income, a ministry or person that works with women and/or children in third world countries, or businesswomen FROM third world countries. In 2010 I've chosen to support Eden Ministry by selling  their jewelry at our events and through donations and my own financial contributions. See more about this wonderful organization on an earlier                   post. My daughter, Elissa, and her husband, Jon, are in China and Elissa works with Eden.

I'm really excited about supporting these business' and women in reaching their goals! For more inspiration for EVERYONE link on to our Blooming Boomers blog here:  We've started an online workshop  entitled, " The Garden Of Your Mind".

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!   sandy


  1. Hi Sandy!

    Very interesting blog this week. Of course they are always interesting! And I love your new Fabulous Friday finds.

    I'm headed over to check out "The Garden Of Your Mind."

    Stop by my blog and see how my guest bathroom/bedroom turned out. After months and months it is (almost!) finished!

    Olivia Paige

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm heading over to see your guest bedroom and bath!

  3. Hi Sandy, I came on over because Vera recommended you. Do you believe that guestroom/bath redo?? So gorgeous! I am now following you, nice to meet you.
    Patricia Rose-A Portpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  4. Pat,

    Thanks for checking out my blog and following me!!

    I've already told Vera I need her to do MY house! That redo was AMAZING! Lots of creative talent there!

    I'll run right over to YOUR blog for a peek. : ) I love reading people's blogs and seeing their goodies!

    Good to meet you also! sandy


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