Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I mentioned in my last post that I support ministries that touch the lives of women and children with a portion of my Hob Nobber occasional sales. This year I have made Eden Ministry in China the organization to which I will be donating.

 Eden reaches out to young women and girls in China who have been forced into prostitution. They help rescue them and give them an opportunity to change their lives. The girls make jewelry and the jewelry is sold to help support the mission and also gives the girls a wage for their work. My daughter, Elissa, works for this ministry. You can learn more about this wonderful work on their web site here: Also you can see a photo of Elissa and a few of the girls and comments from Elissa on my May 4th post.

In addition to my contribution, we also have a special friend named, Sarah, who donates her lovely things to sell at our sale and then gives the money made from the sales to Eden. Thank you, Sarah!

We also sell the jewelry at our Hob Nobber sales and all proceeds go to Eden.

And this year we received a cash  contribution! Thank You!

So I'm happy to report that after our first sales event we will be giving $542 to support the work of Eden in China! Thank you to EVERYONE for making this possible!

Elissa and her husband, Jon, have a blog that tells the more ENTERTAINING aspects of their adventure. You can check their blog  out here:http://

Coming Up: Photos from a trip to the Idea House where Bachmans Partnered with Ki Nassauer to create a home with ideas of how to turn your trash into treasure. It is open until June 16th so HURRY UP but you DO need tickets in advance. Go to Bachmans online to order. Well worth the trip! 

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