Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One of the things that I do with my granddaughters ( Ashley and Brianna ) every summer is to make a Fairy Garden. We live in the middle of 11 acres of property that is also a public park so we knew we'd get visitors to our garden. The first year we set up the garden we were worried that, being so open to the public, someone might mess it up or worse yet, take something out of it. But to the surprise and delight of Ashley, Brianna, and I, the first morning we went to check on it, we found a pile of pennies next to our Fairy Garden. The girls thought that another fairy must have come and left them. So we put a large shell next to it and put the pennies in the shell. The next day we not only found more money in the shell, but someone had made a little bed for the fairy ( named, Iridessa ) out of a flat rock and a leaf for a blanket. During that whole summer we continued to find more money and more additions to the garden until at the end of the summer we had $4.32 and lots of handmade furniture! It was quite magical as we never saw anyone near the garden when we went to check and yet things just kept magically appearing!

So this year I thought I would document things here and hope that we have similar results to share with you. We'll show you the path to the garden and then the FAIRY GARDEN itself.  Then periodically, we'll show you any improvements or "monetary" gains we receive in the garden. Join us in THE MAGIC OF THE GARDEN.

We begin here ( photo above ) where a small path leads us to the big circle drive.

To the right of the circle drive is the front door to the main house.

An old pot of flowers in the middle of the circle drive to our left.

We are now heading down a cobbled path on the other side of the circle drive. 

Turning right on the cobbled path, we head towards the base of the former greenhouse.

Turning left at the greenhouse, we follow the path around the greenhouse.

Eventually we arrive at the top of this staircase. We're almost there!

Down the stairs and around the corner  to the right and here we are!

Ashley and Brianna are hard at work!

Close-up of Iridessa sitting on a mushroom.

Table with little wooden bowls and stone stools. 

"Pond" surrounded by moss with a couple of ducks.

Pot of flowers on table.

Owen, the owl, sits on a ledge overlooking the scene.

A little shelter made of twigs and leaves.

Froggy, the frog, sits on a stone.

We'll keep you posted on the magic appearing!


  1. Such darling, darling girls! The fairy garden is so sweet, and I love that some people really get it!

  2. Thanks, Andrea! Yes, it is ver cool that others have joined in the fun!

  3. oops...that SHOULD have said "very" cool. : )

  4. What a couple of sweeties you have there Sandy! The fairy garden is wonderful.

    Hugs XX

  5. I love that you encourage their imaginations... good job!!! That's what grandmas are for!

  6. Thank you for visiting my site and welcoming me into the Sorority! What a lovely place to live and SUCH an enchanted Fairy garden. Your granddaughters are very lucky girls to have you in their lives. Look at those smiles!

  7. How very enchanting! The girls have done a wonderful job!


  8. What a fun thing to do, I love the magical fairy garden. Your granddaughters are beautiful!

  9. That makes me happy,I love it.


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