Monday, July 12, 2010


This weekend my husband, Les, and I went to a few yard sales and Estate Sales.  ( The funny thing will come later ... ) Yes, Les is now going with me to sales as he and another Mr. Hob Nobber, Bob, are starting their own little Mantique business and are setting up at our next event. Ever since Les started watching American Pickers he decided he could see himself doing this business. He has always collected sports memorabilia and antique books and at one time early in our marriage he collected old suitcases which at the time I thought was looney! They piled up in the corner of the basement until we sold them ( for pennies ) at a garage sale years ago along with many antiques I considered junk at the time. OK So I've learned a little bit since then.

 OK Here's the funny thing that happened:  Along with these fun purchases shown here, we also bought an antique dresser at an Estate sale. We purchased it on the second day of the sale at half price. At the time we didn't have our hauling trailer (which is really Les' golf cart trailer) so after we paid for the dresser we said we'd be back later in the day to pick it up.

 When we went back to pick it up the owner of the Estate Sales business said a man came in and wanted the dresser and waited an hour for us to return. Finally he left his name and phone number and asked that they give it to us. So we called him right there at the sale before picking up the dresser. Long story short....He bought the dresser from us for twice what we paid for it and we never took it home. We made money just by going to the sale! The Estate business owners took it in good humor as I was feeling rather funny about the whole thing. It was worth more than what even HE paid us for it so I guess we all profited that day! THAT'LL never happen again! So here are a few more of our finds this weekend....

                                                             ACTUAL STREET SIGN

                             OLD BREAD BOX....PERFECT FOR FUN STORAGE

                             BEAUTIFUL CUP AND SAUCER FROM GERMANY, I J B CO.

                                                          BEAUTIFUL STONE FRUIT

                             AND MANY MANY MORE TREASURES AWAIT YOU....


  1. Lisa,

    What a great story about the dresser!!

    I love that stone fruit. They would be perfect in my new kitchen. Well, when I get my new kitchen finished. But the living room is well on it's way to being finished and then we start on the kitchen.

    Olivia Paige

  2. Mantique? Yes, it sounds like he is really into it. I wish I could get my husband interested enough, just so we could go junking together. But perhaps I should use a bit of caution on my wishing. I just remembered that occasionally he will stop at a garage sale, and he does have a tendency to bring things home that no one wants. Well, I wish your husband and his friend a good venture.
    What a story about the dresser... one you will enjoy telling for some time. Great luck.

  3. Mya,

    LOL Actually that sounds like MY husband also but he's learning! We'll let everyone know how it goes! : )

  4. The buyer was probably thrilled! You know how it is sometimes you just want something at any price! I love the bread box


  5. Hi new sister of mine. Glad to meet you and what a wonderful stash you two got! I am lovin the bread box especially. Please visit me anytime. XXMollye


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