Friday, August 13, 2010


I've always loved using colorful napkins for meals but for the last couple of years as I've been collecting vintage linens I've switched over to using CLOTH NAPKINS for every meal. I'm glad I did. Here are 5 reasons I'd recommend it to YOU!


1) It's good for the environment.      It will save trees and the landfill.

2) They will make your family and guests feel extra special.  ( don't tell them you're just being practical )

3) They are softer to the touch.

4) They are less expensive as they can be used again and again.      It doesn't cost any more to throw them in with a load of clothes.

5)  They can be made easily.    You can use scraps of cloth and you don't  even have to bother with ironing if you don't want to.

I mix and match with colors similar to my table cover but I don't worry about being matchy-matchy. I have an assortment that I pick up here and there. My granddaughters love to pick out which ones we're going to use when they're here for dinner. Then we find creative ways to set them on the table. Sometimes we grab the middle of the napkin and make a flower out of them tucking them into individual tall glasses. Other times we gather them all up and put them into a basket and everyone picks one.

I have quite a few sets I'll be selling at our upcoming sale so look for them and grab a set to start ( or continue ) an environmentally kind and "extra special" tradition at mealtime. Here are just a sampling of a few you'll see ( some with tablecloths ) at the Labor Day Sale:


MORE Tablecloths

Pillow Cases

 MORE Pillow Cases

Guest Towels, Dish Towels, Pot Holders...




  1. I loved your post!!! Funny thing is I have been feeling out of sorts lately... not myself... Well I cleaned out my linen closet yesterday & ran across all my napkins I have been saving over the years. I always used them .. & have got out of the habit... Meal time should be special. A time to slow down, chat, feel special & connected! That is what was missing!

    I am with you ~ miss match is fun! I even have miss matched silver because I love to rescue pretty pieces & give them a home!

    hubby thinks I am silly... but I think secretly... he feels special too ~:o)

  2. Wow! There's another reason to use cloth napkins...they help you get your groove back!

    And you're right about what mealtime shoud be!

    Thanks for sharing that, Lisa!

  3. They do make you feel special don't they?

    I recently stitched up some cocktail size napkins to use when friends drop in and we visit and have a snack. They always say they do not want to use my cloth napkins, but are always pleased when I assure them that is why I made them.

    You have a pretty selection.

  4. Sandy, you've given me the push to pull out my cloth napkins. I don't know why I got in the habit of using paper towels, torn in half! So elegant!

    I so wish I lived closer to you. Would love to come to the Labor Day Sale. Kind of a long drive, though!

  5. Oh, I loved this! Just looking at the pictures of your beautiful vintage items put a smile on my face! Thank you!


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