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Since most women blogging on vintage and antique treasures/ artists/ crafters etc. are online hoping to make an extra income, I decided to share some little financial insights that my friend Sherrie and I share in workshops. There is not a lot of space to share all of it but I thought from time to time I'd share ideas that have helped me. So here goes...

 Have you ever wanted something but you thought you couldn't afford it? It was just out of reach and you saw NO WAY of making things happen? Well, I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

 First of all, let me say that we are NOT RICH. Well,  not financially rich anyway. In ALL OTHER areas of our lives we feel VERY RICH INDEED! But now that I think about it, if we compared our situation to the rest of the world, we would be FINANCIALLY RICH also! Everything is quite relative after all. So let me explain it this way: My husband was a teacher and when our children were growing up I was a stay-at-home Mom. OK ,That explains our financial situation.

 Anyway, the year my daughter, Elissa, left home for college ( leaving an empty nest ) I decided that we needed to make sure our family vacations continued to be a part of our family memory making events. With a son ( Tom ) who was married ( Monica ) and had a daughter ( Ashley ), and Elissa now in college I knew it would be more of a challenge time-wise and money-wise for all of us to travel so we had to start planning right away.  My first thought was, " Yeah, we have a little one in the family again! Let's go to Disney World! " But Ashley was  too young to enjoy it, it was rather expensive  now that we had to have more  hotel rooms ( and oh, yeah, a daughter in college ), and  everyone's schedules never seemed to work out to be able to go at the same time. So I had to be a bit more practical and come up with something that worked for us. Also when I asked myself, "WHY do I want to do this?" The answer was, " To make family memories." But then I realized, that while waiting for the DISNEY VACATION,  I could still reach my goal of MAKING FAMILY MEMORIES but in a different way.

Eventually I found a resort in our home state and we "settled" for a four day weekend near Lake Superior. We had a FABULOUS time! We stayed in a beautiful condo with wooded trails out the back. This was a ski resort in the winter so there were beautiful cross country ski trails throughout the area. We made very SPECIAL MEMORIES  ( including being chased by a bear ) and went back to the same place for the next couple of years.

But I was still thinking about  Disney World  and now Tom and Monica had another daughter ( Brianna ). It was time to start saving for THE BIG VACATION! I began a savings account for this" trip in the future". And guess what? We did make it to Disney World! We saved money for a looong period of time  ( by THIS time Elissa was married ) and planned our vacation a year ahead to clear schedules and MADE IT HAPPEN! In the meantime we still had other vacation plans EACH AND EVERY YEAR!


I believe if you want something, YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! You might need to SAVE for it, PLAN it ahead of time, MAKE SOME CHANGES to your plans, but YOU CAN DO IT ( or some version of it )! In fact, that is how I got my little Hob Nobber business going that is not only a FUN HOBBY that Les ( hubby ) and I can share but is also giving us VACATION MONEY in retirement.

My friend, Sherrie, and I are working on an e-course that shows you how to set your goals and make them happen! I'll be sharing more about this in the future. I know many of you out there are already doing what you love and MAKING MONEY at it! YOUR SUCCESS' motivate me even more!  I love it that more and more women are doing things that they love, making money at it, and are sharing their God-given talents and  gifts with others through their beautiful art, crafting, and decorating. There are so many talented women out there but I didn't know HOW MANY until I joined the blogging community!

Anyway, keep watching for our e-course and in the meantime, hop on over to our blog, Blooming Boomers, for more encouragement! Just click on the flower pot on the right sidebar!

Thanks for taking the time to read this even though it doesn't have any of that BEAUTIFUL EYE CANDY we all love to look at!

I'd love to hear YOUR STORY of how you were able to MAKE IT HAPPEN..."IT" meaning whatever it was that you were desiring to do and you found a way to get it done! We'll all be encouraged to see how others are reaching their goals and living their dreams!


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  1. Hopefully I am not the only one out here not making any money on line, or in a quaint shop of my own. But, yes I have thought about it.

    I am interested in hearing other people talk about there buying trips and how they fix things up to sell. Always impressed.


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