Monday, August 2, 2010


Les and I went garage sale-ing this weekend and found some very interesting Hob Nobber "picks". Les found some "Mantiques" ( don't ask me how we classify things as a mantique ) and then while driving through a neighborhood pulling the golf cart trailer behind the car we saw a little bench in a yard with a FREE sign on it. For some reason I'm always kind of embarrassed to stop for the freebies in the boulevards  ( Am I really so desperate that I need to pick up stuff just thrown out on the lawn by people? ). On the other hand, it's FREE! But Les never has this problem so he swung around, jumped out and picked it up. SWEET! But I'm always wondering if people are inside watching to see "WHAT KIND OF PERSON" is going to be THAT DESPERATE!!! They probably even have us on video tape and every year get together with their friends to watch the video of "THE CRAZY PEOPLE WHO PICK UP FREE JUNK ON OUR LAWN!" Or what if some guy is just mad at his wife and just threw out this cute little bench without her knowing it!! YIKES! I don't want to get in the middle of a "DOMESTIC"!  OK So maybe I'm getting a little carried away with POSSIBLE SCENARIOS but just the is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE! Honestly, though? I'm glad LES had nerve enough to pick up the bench! I can make some money on that! Or maybe I'll paint it and give it to one of our granddaughters for their bedroom.  How can you NOT like FREE STUFF! Below are SOME of our "finds" but there's MUCH MORE if these don't suit your fancy!
Old clothespin holder, old pink hanger, and old clothespins.

                                                          Old watering cans and linens.

                                                Toy top, baby shoe planter, and blocks.

                                  Linens...This is a beautiful embroidered tablecloth and napkins.

                                                      Linens...quilt in great condition

                                       And MORE LINENS.... This is a gorgeous tablecloth.

Child's book dated 1905 ( from original 1890 printing ) by James Whitcomb Riley, and  darling Gerber Baby spoon ( has" Gerber's" written on back )

MANTIQUES ( not just for the men ) Old scale, bait bucket, clock, and beautiful old wall light fixture.

AND THE FREE BENCH? You'll have to come to the sale on Labor Day to see the rest of it! It might be completely different than what you can see on this photo...

 Our next event is coming up and I'll have information on the sidebar soon! Tell your friends! There are enough bargains for EVERYONE! Make it an EVENT and spend lots of time enjoying our FREE GOURMET coffee while you shop in the BEAUTIFUL HISTORIC PLUMMER HOUSE.


  1. Oh, I do understand that feeling of stopping to pick up something on the side of the street. Did they really throw it out, maybe it has some contagion on it,and of course - will they see me? So I go back at night, and really look like a thief.
    Mantiques. Well, my daughter had what might be called a satchel, that she used as a catch all/tote bag. After my husband purchased a lap top, she suggested he use the bag to carry it in. Because it came from her, a girl, he felt it would be like using her pocket book. Fortunately, it is an olive drab color, and because it proved to be just the size needed for the lap top, he now proudly puts it over his shoulder and calls it his manbag.

  2. CONTAGION? Never thought of THAT! I enjoyed your post about being a thief though! Funny! Thanks for stopping by, Mya!


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