Saturday, September 11, 2010


What do these three things have in common? Well, nothing really.... just some things we encountered on a recent treasure hunting road trip.

Les and I took a quick road trip to a nearby little town to hit their yard sales. I gathered up my necessities; thermos of coffee ( a pretty colorful one given to me by my daughter and son-in-law ), money, and my faithful Garmin, and off we went in hopes of finding great treasure!

The little town was called Hayfield. Here's why:

 OOPS! OK that's corn but whatever!

We found only a few treasures but really enjoyed the drive in the country. We also found a home where the children were selling warm homemade chocolate chip cookies that Les can never pass up and tasted really good with my coffee!

But  I DID find this little "BLAST FROM THE PAST" :  ROLLER SKATES

How different these are from the roller blades of today! WOW, it makes me feel REALLY OLD!
 I have many memories of skating in these. There were many steps involved in just putting them on:
1) Adjust the skate to the length of my shoe.
2) Set my shoe on the skate and tighten.
3) Tighten the toe "thingy" around the toe of my shoe ( if I remember correctly we used a skate key for this )
4) Buckle the strap around my ankle.

With NO HELMETS or ELBOW PADS, I RISKED MY LIFE,  skating down VERY LARGE HILLS only to have the skates, still tied to my ankles, FALL OFF! Of course this would make me either FALL DOWN or run to" catch my fall" ( hopefully there was a lawn nearby to land on ) with the skates whipping around my ankles and the metal cutting into my feet. Can anyone relate? WHO THOUGHT of these things, anyway???

 I bought them : ).... And had a lot of laughs telling Les many skating stories using these silly contraptions!

 If you have any skating stories, share them here!


  1. Wish I still had some of my early pair of skates. Yes, a skate key, more important than an IPod.
    I had an older sister, so I guess I was trying to copy her, because I do not remember learning to skate. Apparently, I would try to use my sister's, and would end up injuring myself, so Mom says they had to strap skates on me because they could not find any that would stay on my feet (even with that toe strap that was on little skates). I grew up on them - and I do remember when my foot was big enough that my shoes would fit "big girl skates" and that side clamp would close in on my shoes. Do you remember how the edge of the shoe would slip out of the clamp while you were skating and that horrible feeling of what you were to do to save yourself?

  2. I remember seeing these rollar skates, but don't remember if I actually wore them or not. Love your story though. Those things were dangerous!! lol
    Your sale looked WONDERFUL...too bad I wasn't closer! Would have been there in a heartbeat.
    So nice to meet you in blogland!!

  3. EXACTLY! It happened ALL THE TIME! So glad they came up with the current roller blades! What a DIFFERENCE! Wish they had those when I was young!

    Thanks for stopping by, Mya!

  4. Nice meeting you also, Sandi! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thank You for stopping by for a visit. Luv the pic's of the skates. Have a good week.....Julian


  7. I'm old enough to have inherited a pair of skates like these. Rode them around the circle (Teepeeota) over and over. I then got an "upgrade" to ones with red wheels. Loved them!
    I also like Hayfield. My dad was born there.

    Michelle (Stevens) Chung

  8. I can't believe you're old enough to have worn these old things! But you know what I'm talking about then. : )

    I also didn't know your Dad was born in Hayfield!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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