Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Sale

We just finished our Labor Day Sale and it was a GREAT SUCCESS, thanks to all of our wonderful guests! At least one half hour before we opened the door, we had people lining up to get in. Les took a picture of them waiting patiently! We served free Starbucks coffee while they shopped. We had two check-out lines  and for the first hour and a half there were people in long lines waiting to pay! It was unbelievable!

Our guests waiting for the doors to open!

Some of the smaller linens.

Karen, Renee, Me ..... in our vintage aprons
Retro chrome table and chair set.
Bob and Les in their "Mantiques" room
Ice Cream dishes.
Vanity table with red/pink treasures. Oops, there I am in the mirror.
Ashley ( granddaughter ) selling the jewelry we sell for Eden Ministry.
Guests shopping in our linen and fine collectibles room.
An antique baby crib turned into a loveseat.

We had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people but were exhausted after one day setting up, two day sale and clean up! WHEW!

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how to keep from exhaustion when having these occasional sales or similar events?


  1. Yes, have lots of stand-ins.
    Glad to see everyone enjoying the event. As I have said before, I wish I were close enough to attend. I would like to see the house and grounds also - such a pretty place.
    This was a good experience for your Ashley.

  2. Great advice, Mya! Thanks! We could really use more help! Especially for hauling the furniture! We did have my son and one of the young adults I've worked with in the past help with the set-up so that helped! But we really need even more as this thing keeps growing and we have more items to haul and set up! We DO have fun though!

    Ashley is learning a lot! I had her "shop" with me and pick out a few things to sell and she made some money so she's learning about business and then she worked at the sale and told the story of the work her aunt is doing in China. It's a good experience for her.

    If you ever get out this way, we'll give you the tour of the house!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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