Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I LOVE BOOKS AND MAGAZINES! I could spend hours ( and I DO, well, maybe not HOURS ) looking at country, vintage, and cottage-style decorating books and magazines! I have PILES of them! I hate to admit this but it's true so I'm not gonna lie. But they make PERFECT GIFTS for people like me so that helps my family out! And I'm always trying to help my family out! ; ) They have given me books, magazines, and gift cards for books so it has worked out GREAT!

I've also purchased some books for myself and I've found it SO EASY to do online! So here's my latest online book purchase...."PERFECT ENGLISH COTTAGE"... bought with BIRTHDAY money ( another way to get me those books )!

I love the English Cottage look and since we live in an English style home I would love to go for this look. This book has so many beautiful pages of simple English decor it really makes you feel like you're living right in the English countryside and you could just lose yourself in its pages. Though I'm not one to spend a ton of money just to change the "look" of my home, I AM going to take some of the elements shown on these pages and incorporate them into our home. It doesn't take a lot of money to pull this off as it is so simplistic but just very comfortable with not much clutter. To ME that sounds VERY RELAXING!

If you'd like to lose yourself in the relaxing English countryside and the comforts of a lovely English Cottage, go to my sidebar and look for "Sandy's Book Shoppe". Click on it to go to the "store" and find the best books! On the second page you'll find this book listed and all you have to do is click on it and you can order it as simply as that. Just sitting right there at your computer! It will be shipped to you and in no time you'll be relaxing in its pages! If you do, let me know how you like it! I'd love to get your feedback!

And if you're coming to our Hob Nobber Labor Day Sale I'll have some vintage/ cottage style/romantic decor/country decorating books and magazines for sale in our BITS AND BOBS area so YOU can get inspired also!


  1. If I were anywhere near you I would certainly check out your shop, but maybe you will have a moment to take pictures of the pretty things for sale, and maybe some happy customers.
    Keep us up to date with your cottage transformation - you can give us ideas.

  2. We'll be taking pictures at our occasional sale for sure! ....And sharing them here!

    It won't be a "great transformation" because it might take FOREVER but I'll keep everyone posted. Suggestions are welcome!
    Thanks for stopping by, MYA. : )

  3. I love those types of magazines, too! They're so hard to let loose of, too. Do you save yours, or ever release them?! And yes, I love the cottage style. So pretty and relaxing. Wish I had an entire house of it! My one guest bedroom is "semi" cottage! :D


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