Friday, October 1, 2010


 I've been a slacker with blogging but I've got some good excuses! I've been busy with Grandkids and family! Just went with granddaughter, Brianna's 4th grade class to The Science Museum in Mpls. I was "group leader " for 6 fourth grade girls. We took some photos! Here they are sitting on a giant hand that shows what blisters and scabs look like under the skin. Yuck!

And then we've been doing a lot of babysitting for grandson, Charlie. Here he is in Grampa's shoes and "momo" in his mouth:

And we've also been going to our granddaughter, Ashley's basketball games. Here she is with Coach Grampa after winning a championship.

So you can see we've been busy!

And what is this Kuert Adoption deal on the widget to the right and above? Glad you asked!

My daughter and son-in-law, Elissa and Jon, have begun the process of adopting a baby from China. Elissa and Jon are currently living in Kunming, China working in various positions. Jon is teaching English helping to prepare young adults to get into college in the States. Elissa works with Eden Ministry, an outreach to young girls who have been forced into prostitution. Read about them by clicking on the "Kuert Adoption" page. It also explains the Chipin Widget! I just LOVE all these new gadgets on the internet!

And Les and I DID take in a  Minnesota Twins Game ( baseball for those of you not familiar ) at the new outdoor stadium. FUN! We sat in a special section that had ACTUAL restaurants, a Kirby Puckett  Buffet, lounge seating.... not just your normal "hotdog at the baseball game" fare. So I had walleye pike fish..Yum! Then at one point during the game my husband went out to get us a couple of candy bars ( you know, peanuts and crackerjacks and baseball treats ) but all he could find were slices of gourmet chocolate cake served with plates and forks. NOT how I remembered baseball... but.. guess I might go more often now. : )

I think I'll be back out hunting for treasures soon! I've got lots of collecting to do! I just counted the number  of "tags" on things I sold at our last occasional sale and there were 310 items sold! Yikes! How am I ever going to find that many things? Wish me luck!


  1. What sweet grandchildren you have! How wonderful that your daughter is going to adopt a child from China! There is such great need for adoptive parents. My sister adopted two girls from South America. And two of my best friends have adopted children as well. (from India and Korea.)
    My daughter is away at college studying for a degree in social work and for her senior practicum she is working with an agency that arranges adoptions. She is learning so much.

  2. Yes you are busy. It is wonderful that you live close to these grand kids and can be part of their lives.
    Will your daughter and son-in-law be coming home after this session of classes end, or is this a long term arrangement they have in China?
    You have a very full and interesting life.

  3. Garden of Daisies....Thanks for stopping by! It's wonderful that there are so many families willing to adopt.

    Mya.. Yes,.I'm blessed to have my grandchildren so near! Elissa and Jon plan on coming back to the States at the end of the schol year in June. They will have been there two years. Thanks for asking! : )


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