Sunday, September 19, 2010


Old metal container turned "server"

Lamp shade with just the wire frame

Coat rack with hammer heads for hooks.

Doors and blocks create shelves on the porch
Wash boards on the bathroom walls read, "Wipe Hands" while holding plants.
Bottles in wire holders carry bathroom essentials
License plates become a valance in boy's room.
Bed springs hold vases on dining room table

Old graters hold flower vases.

The porch held a" gathering" of grater vases.

Car hood works as head board for boy's room

                              Car door becomes a magnetic board holding letters from license plates.  

Dresser has handles made of car doors and window handles.

Girl's room decorated with "Glee" related items. Old record albums hang on the wall with hooks in the middle holding odd pieces of clothing.


  1. Who'd of thunk it!
    Must have the bed springs - do they even make mattresses with coiled springs anymore?
    A couple of my lampshades are close to looking like that, but not by design - perhaps I should help them along.

  2. Mya, you're tooo funny! And yes, you should help those lampshades out!

    Someone just asked if I wanted to buy a box of bed springs so I guess they're still around!

  3. Hi, what great ideas, in my first apartment I had the brick shelves, Thank you for stopping by, I think occasional sales are a great way to sell your creations. Dealers from up north buy a lot of my linens also, and I still make money too


  4. Sandy, these are the cutest ideas I've ever seen! I LOVE them!! I'll have to jot down some notes, or I'll never remember to look for any of these things! :D
    I particularly love the cheese graters!!

  5. Inspirational ideas... Thanks for sharing....


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