Friday, November 5, 2010

Hob Nobber Christmas Sale

Our Christmas Sale is coming up this month so I wanted to point out the notice on the right sidebar ( See Santa ). Soon I'll have the "countdown" up and running! We're as busy as elves painting, sewing, ironing, and "refreshing" found treasures.  You can begin your Christmas shopping here because at THIS sale you'll find:

Vintage Christmas decorations
Vintage children's toys
Shabby Chic furnishings
Linens, Linens, and More Linens
"Refreshed" Home Decor
Mantiques for gift giving ( sports memorabilia and more )
Vintage Norwegian Wool Sweaters ( still as good as NEW)
 "Rustic" and "Royal" Treasures
Beautiful and FUN items to spruce up your Christmas decorating and entertaining
One- of- a- kind unique treasures for Christmas gift giving


Keep watching for more photos of our "finds" in upcoming posts! All info is on the right sidebar!


  1. Ooh, how cute! I just love Christmas time! And Thanksgiving, too...gotta have that turkey!!

  2. It does seem like I've rushed into Christmas and forgotten Thanksgiving! I just needed to get the info out on our upcoming event which happens two days after Thanksgiving. Now I can focus on Thanksgiving which happens to be one of my favorite holidays because it is not as commercialized! Just giving thanks with family and food! : )

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That's how I feel about Thanksgiving, too, Sandy! When I was a child, it was all about the gifts.....since "maturing" a's all about family AND FOOD!! Great minds think alike!! :D


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