Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I made a few purchases myself at our Hob Nobber Christmas sale. I probably would have bought more but I didn't have time to see everything! Everytime someone purchased something I thought, "Dang, I would have bought that if I'd seen it!" There was SO MUCH STUFF that even though we hold some things back to put out on the second day, we didn't have room to put out all the treasures we had planned to put out on the FIRST day!

Antique basket with vintage ticking handmade liner. I put a blanket in it to keep in the "Little TV Room"/"Breakfast Room".
My PLAN was to shop in the evening after setting up the first day but I was so tired I just crashed without looking at what we had for sale. THAT plan didn't work! So after the one and a half hour rush where all we do is check people out, I went around filling in the gaps where items were purchased and at the same time started picking things out to buy for myself! I found 5 treasures shown on this post.
Fostoria candle holders and vintage bulbs on hangers. Purchased separately.

Santa with suit made from vintage quilt.

Vintage bedspread that I'm using as a sofa cover until I decide what to do about a new sofa. This is  in the "Little TV Room"/ "Breakfast Room" that is being transformed into  cottage style . After I'm finished I'll share the whole room.

So there you have it! Right now I'm struggling with how to SIMPLIFY and still have fun vintage style treasures that make me smile! I don't like a lot of clutter but there are SO MANY CUTE THINGS! I'm trying to appreciate things from afar!


  1. Love those candle holders with the vintage ornaments, sounds like a great sale! Lezlee

  2. You may not have had the time you would have liked to look around, but you did find some wonderful items. I have not seen those type of candle ornament holders before - I don't guess there were any left over?
    My aunt has a small wire basket, not as large as yours, that she puts christmas balls in. Those type of baskets are so adaptable.


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