Saturday, December 4, 2010


Lorie Line

If you have never been to a Lorie Line concert, RUN, don't walk,  to  get your tickets for her latest Christmas HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZAAAAA!!! Her concerts are amazing! Lorie is a pianist who, with her "Fab Five" musicians puts on an incredibly entertaining show! Even if you've never been "into" piano music before, this is a concert you will absolutely love! From her Master of Ceremonies husband, to her beautiful music, to the ever-changing costumes, it's a non-stop evening of fun and entertainment!

I have made it a tradition every year for 19 years now to purchase tickets for all the women in the family, four generations of us! At first, we thought piano music might not be something the guys would enjoy, but after the first concert, we realized this was MORE than a piano concert! So we finally had the guys come and they enjoyed it as much as we did! Even the children who go to the concert are involved. At the end of each concert, the children are invited onstage to "perform" The Twelve Days Of Christmas. With "Mr Lorie Line" ( Lorie's husband ) dressed as Santa, the children scurry backstage and are helped into costumes and then they "act out" the actions to the song. My 9 year old granddaughter this year said excitedly, " I got to have Lorie Line help me get on my costume!"

Lorie is an amazingly talented woman! I cannot say enough about her and her concerts! You just HAVE TO GO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! I'm sure you'll also make it a family tradition as well. OUR Lorie Line concert kicks off the Christmas season for us!

 Go to and click onto the 2010 Christmas show photos. You'll also see where the next concerts will be held. They have shows daily through Dec. 23rd!


  1. Another family tradition. This does sound like afabulous concert. So much fun for the children that they really can be a part of the show. Be entertained by entertaining.

  2. And THIS tradition is FANTASTIC! She usually tours around the country from November to December 23rd but I noticed her itinerary this year was limited to mostly the Midwest with one stop in Colorado. Must be the economy!


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