Sunday, January 16, 2011


Interesting old box

Today I'm sharing some photos of a couple of unique gifts I received this past Christmas. They are from my daughter and son-in-law who are living in China. They know I love all things vintage so they scouted out an antique shop in China ( owned by a guy from England ) and found a couple of interesting items.He runs around like I do hunting out old treasures and has a shop full of authentic Chinese antiques.

 Now I'm looking for a place to display them in my home... It's always fun to have treasures from other countries.It seems that China makes EVERYTHING we have here in the U.S. so it might seem kind of "ho hum" to receive "one more thing made in China". But having VERY OLD items from "years ago China" is  really interesting.

Vintage children's paper books
Inside the old box


  1. Interesting box, and those old books... I wonder who Rocket Toes is. He reminds me, a little bit, of Mighty Mouse.
    You must have been thrilled when you opened the present.

  2. "Rocket Toes" ...OK, that's funny!
    And yes, since I love old things i was really excited!


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