Monday, February 28, 2011


I don't know about you but I'm ready for SPRING! It's been a long winter and I'm usually not impatient as I DO really like the 4 seasons but for some reason THIS year seems looooonger than most. So even though there's still lots of snow on the ground ( with more to come ) and it's only 2 degrees outside, I'm thinking, "SPRING"!
About this time of year I love to meander into the flower department at the grocery store. Right about now they are showing pots of spring flowers and mini spring gardens that are just tempting me. So today I had to pick one up and bring it home.
 I also love to look at the newest magazines that are beginning to show flowers and gardens for planning your spring garden.
Just" planting" these images in my mind makes me smile. Which reminds me of a seminar a friend and I gave entitled, "The Garden Of Your Mind". No, we didn't talk about REAL gardens. We spoke of  how planting thoughts in your mind is similar to planting seeds in a garden. In a garden if you plant peas you're going to get peas. Similarly if you plant "seeds of hope" in your mind, you're going to feel "hopeful". And  just like in a REAL garden, in the "Garden Of Your Mind" you can plan  ahead what you'd like to plant in your mind and be intentional about it. If you want a joyful life, plant JOYFUL THOUGHTS! So as I'm thinking of planting REAL plants in the spring, I'm also planting joyful thoughts ( seeds) in my mind!
So what are you planning to plant in YOUR GARDEN and also in YOUR MIND? Start planning now and reap a harvest!

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  1. this is a really neat post - i love the imagery of planting the right things in our minds in order to grow what we want out of our lives. beautiful :) thanks mom!


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