Sunday, February 13, 2011


"WOW", the frustrations of technology! My iphoto allowing me to upload photos to my blog was down for quite some time so I've been MIA here for a while!

And also," WOW", the AMAZING MIRACLES of technology! My daughter and son-in-law who live in China were able to skype us and  then after I clicked a button allowing them access to my computer screen, they were able to see my computer screen on their computer screen and FIX MY COMPUTER FROM CHINA! I don't know why I find that amazing but I do!

So I'm back and ready to jump right in! Here's what I was ready to share when my computer went haywire on me...

I found a sweet vintage pillow cover while hobnobbing for treasures. Now I have to go and get a pillow to put in it. I could sell it just as it is but I prefer to sell it as a complete pillow and give you ideas on how it will look when you take this treasure to YOUR home. One of my favorite parts of this "hobby/business" is getting to set up cute little vignettes and decorating with our treasures at our occasional sales.  Look for this sweet vintage pillow at our next event on Memorial Day weekend.

Speaking of Hob Nobbing, my husband and I have been watching American Pickers. If you haven't heard of this show, it's a reality show where a couple of guys from Iowa travel the countryside "picking" antiques to resell.It must be entertaining because we keep watching it!

 I was telling my Hob Nobber partners that THAT is what WE really are...pickers. The difference is that we look for vintage and antique decor with which we would love to decorate. We usually buy just treasures WE LOVE. Of course,  buying things we LOVE, we often have a hard time parting with the treasures and find ourselves KEEPING some... "for a season" at least. Anyway, I told them that maybe WE  should have a REALITY SHOW of us while we're picking! ; )  I'll let you know if THAT ever happens! In the meantime, enjoy the lovely stitches in this vintage pillow...


  1. Glad your Iphoto is working properly now. This sounds like computers fixing computers - and I am a little mystified by what can be done.

    You found a beautiful pillow cover. The work is so delicate.

    Yes, I watch the pickers, and I am wondering is that how you do it. Just drive down the road looking for a place to explore.

  2. Beautiful pillow covers! Just love 'em! Such beautiful talent in them.


  3. I love the look of counted cross stitch....I used to do it much more than I do now. The combination of the cross stitch and the crochet is gorgeous! That would be fun to learn how to do.
    Love the pillow cover..

  4. I also love your entertainment center!


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