Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Now that spring is on the way ( or so they say ) I am awakened to birds singing REALLY EARLY in the morning. It annoys my husband. But I don't care if it IS too early, I LOVE the sound of the birds singing! I wake up with a smile.

And as I was having my morning coffee and groggily looking around the living room early one morning (after the birds woke me up) I realized that I had been picking up "birds" ( not real ones ) and" bird houses" ( see also my last blog with a birdcage and two swans ) in the last year. I had not intentionally decided to start collecting bird related treasures. I just found that as I scooped up treasures for my Hob Nobber business I was finding myself loving little bird treasures ( at discount rates, of course ).

I find that noticing birds brings me into the present moment. Especially when I hear a cardinal singing and look up to see the bright red feathered friend. It takes me out of my" thoughts" and into the "present". It's a very relaxing and happy feeling. It makes me smile!

 I guess that's why I end up buying little birds. To take home something that moves me into the present and makes me smile!

So start listening for and watching for birds and just enjoy the beauty of their song and their bright and colorful feathers. Just looking out your window can be like a mini vacation! OK, maybe that's stretching it, but at least it might make you smile! Here are a few birds and birdhouses inside my home to get you started:

 And if the birds don't do it for you, maybe you have some other treasures that make you smile and move you into the present moment just by observing them. If so, I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. so funny mom - i've been really loving bird stuff these days too! they really do make me smile - and i love the freedom they represent too!


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