Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm now in Panama City Beach, Florida enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. You can see a snapshot on the right sidebar.  I'll share a few bits and pieces of our time here but I'm also trying to just engage my whole self in the sights, scents, and and sounds of the ocean and beach and bask in the moments!

Click on the name of the city under the photo to see more...

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  1. The Gulf coast has beautiful beaches and the colors in the water come about as close to the caribbean without actually going there.
    We were just over on the east coast at St. Simons. It is one of my favorite areas along with Jekyll Island, but the Atlantic water can not beat the gulf for sheer beauty.

    Love the bird houses. My collection is a total of 3 houses, but I do have a few more feeders about the yard.

    Have a great stay in Florida.


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